Our Capabilities

Every company needs the core data about the China market in-order-to make strategic decisions to effectively build and grow their China opportunities.

We have been tracking and analyzing the data in China for nearly 20 years.

Data on China is difficult to come by, reliability can be an issue, and there is no one place to obtain clear and accurate data throughout all parts of China. We are the root of data that can be used in multiple ways to create solutions.

Source Data

We use a pool of government and other data sources that we have normalized over 15 years.

  • We aggregate our data allowing for robust propensity modeling.
  • We use regional teams, multiple sources combined with historical data for cleansing.
  • We have modeled China and indexed each of its parts to create market tiers, making it easy to pinpoint markets to enter into.
Insights Based

We have built the most comprehensive and useable factual insights-based data services on China.

Privileged View of The Market

There currently is no other substitutes for our data, platform, and BI services.